Federalist Papers

Constitution Sunday: “Publius,” The Federalist XLI [James Madison]

Independent Journal (New York) January 19, 1788 Engineering a coup can be difficult. Usually, it requires a military to not only lose faith in the civilian government but to organize an overthrowing of that government. Democratic republics fear this prospect as much as any other type of government. Although democratic republics are better suited for […]


Constitution Sunday: “Publius,” The Federalist IX [Alexander Hamilton]

“Publius,” The Federalist IX [Alexander Hamilton] Independent Journal (New York), November 21, 1787 Following are excerpts from Alexander Hamilton’s writings in the Federalist Papers: “When Montesquieu recommends a small extent for republics, the standards he had in view were of dimensions, far short of the limits of almost every one of these States.


Constitution Sunday: “Publius,” The Federalist VIII [Alexander Hamilton]

“Publius,” The Federalist VIII [Alexander Hamilton] New-York Packet, November 20, 1787 Following are excerpts from¬†The Federalist VIII, authored by Alexander Hamilton: “Assuming it therefore as an established truth that the several States, in case of disunion, or such combinations of them as might happen to be formed out of the wreck of the general confederacy,