Bleeding Kansas

After the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, William Seward proclaimed to the Senate that “[w]e will engage in competition for the virgin soil of Kansas, and God give the victory to the side which is stronger in numbers as it is in right.”¬†Congressional Globe, 33 Cong., 1 sess., appendix, 769. Rather than settling the issue […]


The Thirst for Knowledge

Throughout the development of early civil society in America, the familiar infrastructure to contemporary Americans rapidly developed. For example, as a result of new postal roads and turnpikes throughout the country, the postal system was able to achieve remarkable speeds for the time. For example, in 1790, “it had taken more than a month for […]


The Newspaper Revolution

Newspapers are a source that many turn to even now for getting their news. The craze for newspapers in America began in the early years of the Republic, with the proliferation of newspapers to nearly every town in the country. Then and now, newspapers had political slants. In the early Republic, most newspapers had a […]